Beach Wedding Photography | Rasa Ria Resort | Kota Kinabalu | Sabah | Malaysia | Debbie & Bernard

It was a sunny day, the sky was just right and I am glad it was. This time I flew back to my home state- Sabah to photograph a beach wedding held at Rasa-ria, Tuaran. Just a 40minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu. As usual, I packed my ThinkTank Airport Security roller back pack, my Think Tank Bazooka height adjustable Tripod bag, and a multipurpose roller bag with me. (you can always see me going for photography assignments with those three black bags). I can see my check-inroller bag full with those yellow-stubborn-stickers from the security check at airports. They are usually hard to remove and often got stuck at the zipper making it hard to remove.

Well, it doesnt matter, because I am still going to shoot the beautiful beach wedding today. Rasa-ria Resort is a famous spot for holding out wedding events both locally and internationally. The rate of weddings in the resort could be on average more than 4 times a month and that could jump up to more than 10 on peak season according to my friend. Well, what could you expect with the beautiful sunsetting scenery as the wedding background. Its a place where couples hope for the best wedding photographs to be captured by their hired talented photographers. Well I am honored to be again, given a chance by them.

Here is a sharing on the beautiful moments created by these two lovely couples on their special wedding day. Enjoy the pictures.

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Grace & Wesley’s Engagement Portrait Photoshoot | Miri | Sarawak | Malaysia

Its been a while I didn’t post any new works this year. It has been busy as usual and I know that its a lame excuse to not posting anything here. Nevertheless of everything I have gone through, here are among some of the shots I took somewhere midst this year. The engagement portraiture photography was taken around Miri, Sarawak area. The works here are mostly fused in with both portraiture and landscape. I hope you enjoy the sharing.

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Abran & Ann’s Engagement Photography Session | Kota Kinabalu | Sabah

After the engagement session at noon, we headed to Tanjung Aru Beach for a photoshooting. It was raining that evening, but it didn’t stop us from having a photoshoot. (well actually it did delayed us a bit). With just 2 hours, we completed these set of photos. All in one seemingly-boring location, but when creativity is used, could turn out to be something special. Enjoy!

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Abran & Ann’s Engagement Day Photography | Kota Kinabalu | Sabah

Hi Guys, sorry for the late update, here’s a set of photos that I took on my friends/cousins engagement day. Posted up with consent from them. I won’t elaborate much on the photos. I just hope you guys will enjoy viewing this.

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Other than wedding photography in Miri, Sarawak.

(Photographed at Miri, Sarawak beach. aperture at f9, shutter speed 1/60, ISO640 on a Nikon D300s body coupled with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens)

When I am not doing any wedding photography during the weekends, I will usually stroll around Miri, hang around with my besties and enjoy anything that nature has to offer. Life, is as short as it is. It feels like just yesterday when I just finished my primary schooling years. The memories, though partially faded, is still vivid in mind, yet the future is still dim for me at that moment. Now, decades after that, I am on the path that is leading me to another chapter of manhood. It surely feels different to be bearing different types of responsibilities. Im not trying to get emotional here, but it is surely a good thing to stop, pause for a while and review everything that is going on in your life.  Glancing at the sunset that evening, my eyes wondered upon the huge rich mansion at one of the cliff in Miri. It was just over dusk and their lights were still off. I’t makes me think, with such a big mansion, how many people are actually living there? Is the owner happy enough with his life? What would have happened if I were the one living there? Will I be the same person with the same character as I am now? Life, can be numbed by wealth, and sometimes you might not be able to realize all the “real-beauty” life has to offer with the tantalizing numbers of materialism. Everybody wishes to be living that life, but I’m not sure if that is the life they really enjoy to be with. There are just too many rich yet poor tycoons out there who are living in lavishness, even so, their soul is in misery. I’ve heard that many couldn’t sleep well thinking that they will loose what they have now. Could it be another sort-of personal sought detention centre? Whatever it is, as a person with a Christian faith, we must always remember that, wealth count for nothing. Just like dusk, one day, everything will come to and end, and we will then be wondering, how much richness have I gained… I just hope that the economical value we own will be sufficient to buy forgiveness for our sins. Will it or will it not?

The mansion in Miri that everyone would dream of having.


My awarded prints are back home!

The mail came on Monday this week and in it were two black WPPI Accolade of Excellence ribbon sent straight from Las Vegas for me! I didn’t expect to receive it actually. Having no experience at all at receiving awards for photography, this would be my first humble achievement which I am surely gonna work hard for better improvement next year. Normally, prints that is submitted for competition won’t be returned. But as a professional body of professional photographers, the photos that were submitted will either be trashed and destroyed, or sent back to the owner. I got my prints a few weeks earlier in middle March and they arrived back to me in a condition just as I first packed it for submission. I hear reviews that the prints could be damaged but I am satisfied that it didn’t happen in my case. the WPPI competition staff really did a good job. The prints were sent back using the same box as I used to send it to them. I didn’t know that! hahaha. The box I used were all pieces of polystyrene (self made) in the inside and covered up with an ugly “milo” box. I had a lot of sticky taping throughout the box to protect it and was sent using the fastest service available by DHL courier service. I admit that it was costly to send my prints to the states. But I bet the result was worth it. I’m sure it will be more worthy next year with all my effort poured to all my clients this year. I will work hard to get the best out of their wedding and atleast get myself better placing in the excellency of international photography competition. Bellow are some of the joys I wish to share with you. Award of excellence ribbon. I just am not sure where to place them yet. In my bathroom? oh no no no!This is the identification card placed on the prints. I am quite proud to represent Miri, Sarawak (perhaps the only wedding and portrait photographer from Miri) to participate in the WPPI international print competition. As a native photographers of Borneo Island, this trophy is for us!This is the ribbon which was sticked on the prints marking that the photo has achieved the level of excellence in that particular competition category. I regret not being able to join the grand meeting, but I pray that I will be able to next year!A truly Borneo award of excellence receiving print. I am particularly proud that this photo was being displayed in front of international and top professionals in the wedding and portrait industry. At least as a Sabah born native who is currently living in Miri, Sarawak, I can say that we are now being recognized by the world (well, not exactly, but at least this is one of our international appearance. Hopefully more and more local talented photographers will have the confidence and courage to participate in such competition. Together let us show the world that we are not just a small tribal islanders on the map of the world but a culture rich with its own sense of artist-ism.This is the second photo that garnered excellency in the engagement category. I am happy that my works as a wedding photographer and also an engagement photographer got itself some recognition. Again, I am proud to showcase the little town of Miri, Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole for this grand competition. If you would like to participate in such competition representing Sabah and Sarawak, then I would higly recommend you to use the professional printing service from my trusted provider here. You can view the grand winners in the competition here. If you enjoyed viewing this post, hope you don’t mind clicking the facebook like button bellow this post and share it with your friends. I really appreciate your time coming over and viewing my humble photographs.


Wedding day photography | Kudat | Sangu and Sherley

I was hired by a lovely couple to capture their best moment in life in Kudat, Sabah last year. His wife is a Rungus from Kudat, Sabah. The groom is an Iban with his family coming all the way from Miri, Sarawak. Some of his family are from Limbang and other parts of Sarawak too. I am really honored and humbled to be there to photograph their wedding. Having been in Miri, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as a wedding photographer, I can tell from experience that we Sabahans and Sarawakians are no big different than each other, we do share some similar cultures in many ways, especially those “tuak” drinking (smile). Perhaps language is not, but when we get along, I’m telling you guys… you and I, as you read this, is non other than the same creatures that creep and live in this world. And as a Christian, I must say, we are all descendant of the same heritage. Blessed and blessed from generations to generations.

Here some of the photos out of the hundred over pictures I prepared for them. enjoy the moments!

THANKS! for viewing the photos. If you like this set of album, hope you dont mind clicking the facebook like button bellow this post and share it with your friends. I really appreciate your time coming over and viewing my humble photographs.


Couple Portrait Photography | Miri | Pei Ying & Ling

This is a follow up of Karen’s photo albums which was posted a few days ago. Karen and PeiYing are good friends and house mates. Karen, a Sibu born young woman is doing her Bachelors in one of the International Institution of learning in Miri. PeiYing, who is also an international student from China, is a housemate of Karen. I am really honored to take their photo. This is my first time shooting portrait for a University student in Miri, Sarawak.

The wedding gowns in this photos were rented by a friend of mine- Amanda Leong, who has a number of bridal gowns, evening gowns, and wedding gowns available for rent. She does this service from her house in Hilltop, Miri. If you happen to be willing to purchase or rent a wedding gown, I would strongly recommend her service, especially if you are from Miri, Sarawak or any of the nearby cities like Bintulu, Sibu, Niah, Limbang and so on. If you are looking for a fresh and brand new wedding gown, or any other gowns for rent. You can also purchase it directly from her at a good price. And if you are thinking of doing conceptual engagement photoshoot in Miri, wedding photography around Miri town, bridal portrait photography, or any types of photography that is unique, and requires a wedding gown, you can contact me directly and we can try to come up with some brilliant ideas for you.

By the way, the batch of photo’s for this album is slightly different than my usual style of post production. I seldom use this in most of my photographs. I played with a lot of layered hue’s to bring these tones out for the mood that I feel is right. Have a look;)

THANKS! for viewing the photos. If you like this set of album, hope you dont mind clicking the link button bellow this post and share it with your friends. I really appreciate your time coming over and viewing my humble photographs.

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